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Welcome to this Bible-wiki

There is not much here yet, but I've started with the teaching notes for the First Principles series a class that I taught.

I'm also adding notes from a 2010 revision of the First Principles Studies developed by Dr. G. Steve Kinard

From time to time I will post my thoughts about various passages of scriptures. One way Jesus spoke to crowds of people was thru parables.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I find something in the wiki?
First you can use the find box on the left,
Or you can look by passage, starting with the Table of Contents. There isn't much there yet, but over time more and more will show up.
And I've creating a list of People in the Bible that I'm going to add to.
Also some topical Studies can be found here.
There isn't a lot here, is there?
nope, not yet. I'm working on it though. Lots and lots of ideas. But to publish something to the public for anyone in the world to read, especially about something as important as the scriptures, is frankly scary. Much of what is already posted was written as teaching notes to be used whole speaking to a classroom where people could ask me questions and I could clarify what I meant. And it was to a friendly audience.
Can I add/edit some things?
Please no. If you really want to, contact me.
I am going to allow other people to edit and create topics, but only after I have some idea of what they are going to do.
What? censorship?
Not really, it is more that I want to know what they are writing about, not what that are going to say about it. Topics that I plan to cover myself I want to leave empty until I get there. This wiki is about my opinions, no one else can write those.
On the other hand, I welcome discussion/comments about what I've written. I know what I've written isn't perfect. Frankly I know I'm wrong about things, I just don't know which things. Use polite language and persuasive arguments to convince me that the scriptures teach something else. Over time I may change my mind. Also, we don't have to agree on everything. Paul discusses "disagreeable matters" and we may even disagree on what is disagreeable. So be it.
So who endorses this "Bible-wiki" anyway?
No one. It isn't sponsored by my or any other church. I pay for it out of my own pocket. I do ask for the opinions of men and women that I respect about the contents. Generally these are people that I agree with on the particular topic so I'm asking if I am explaining our shared opinion well.

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